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Recipe: Gari (Pickled Ginger)

thin slices of ginger after marinated, and turned into gari
Pickled ginger for sushi is called gari

Gari (がり)

Gari, or pickled ginger, serves as a palate cleanser between different flavors and dishes, and is a must have when eating sushi. The word gari comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia "gari-gari"; the sound of the crunching when chewing ginger. It also reflects significant effort in its preparation, but the finished result speaks for itself, which makes all the effort worth it. Have you tried our version of this Japanese classic? See our video, and follow the steps below:


  1. Peel the ginger and slice it into thin pieces.

  2. Blanch the ginger in boiling water for 10 seconds,

  3. Then cool it down in a bowl of cold water.

  4. Drain the water from the ginger and sprinkle a generous amount of fine salt over it.

  5. Salt the ginger under pressure for 1.5 hours.

  6. Rinse away all the salt and let the ginger drip completely dry.

  7. Prepare a pickling solution using 3 parts vinegar and 1 part sugar.

  8. Bring the solution to boil and pour over the ginger while still very hot.

  9. Let it steep for a couple of hours, then keep refrigerated.


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