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Recipe: Awase-su & how to cook sushi rice (Rice cooker or pot)

Hangiri with sushi rice, being dressed with awase-su marinade
Applying awase-su to sushi rice

Awase-su (seasoning for sushi rice) Mix salt, sugar and rice vinegar in a bowl with a whisk until the sugar and salt is disolved. Recipe for Awase-su - 250 ml rice vinegar - 225 g sugar - 75 g salt - for 1 kg of dry rice, use 235 ml of the finished awase-su How to cook sushi rice // sushi rice recipe - wash the rice in cold water, around 4-6 times until the water is semi clear - pour enough water to cover the rice and then some, and let the rice soak for minimum 1 hour. - strain the soaking water and pour new water - the amount of water is measured with your hand, and the water should go to your knuckles when your hand is flat on top of the rice. - you can also measure the water with a ratio of 1.2 parts water to 1 part rice [If you are using a rice cooker] the rice is cooked for 55 minutes in total, where the rice cooker switches to a “keep warm” function after 25 minutes, and steams the rice for 30 minutes under closed lid. [If you are cooking in a pot] - heat up the water relatively quickly to a boil. - when the water boils, instantly reduce the heat to a simmer. - put a lid on the pot and DON'T touch it, until the rice has finished cooking. - simmer for 15 minutes, before the pot is removed from the heat, but keep the lid closed - it is important that the water doesn't evaporates but stays in the pot and thus goes into the rice.- remove the pot from the heat and let it rest for 10 minutes, and then remove the lid [Regardless if you are using a rice cooker or a pot, these last steps remain the same] - transfer the rice straight into a wooden tub(hangiri) or a reasonably sized plastic container that is flat at the bottom, and pour the awase-su over and distribute it evenly with a wooden spoon(shamoji) - the aim here is to spread the seasoning amongst the rice, as well as to remove the larger rice clusters. - you need to take care not to squash the rice, but instead use a cutting motion with the spoon to spread the awase-su-now it needs to rest for 8 minutes, and the to be turned over with the wooden spoon again, while removing the larger clusters of rice- finally, let it rest for an additional 20 minutes, and then the rice is ready to use.

Finished Sushi Rice
Sushi Rice


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