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Cooking Class - Washoku

Program and dishes for this class


We will focus on a handful of classic dishes, that combined will serve as a complete meal, which
will highlight a lot of foundational knowledge about valuable basic elements and produce.

Miso soup – made with dashi stock, which is a important cornerstone in Japanese cooking. Made with kombu seaweed, katsuobushi bonitoflakes, and sometimes with dried shiitake mushrooms, if it has to be made for use in vegetarian dishes, or you want a certain type of flavour profile, that shiitake provides.

Gyoza – fried and steamed dumplings, filled with mushrooms, cabbage and onions.

Onigiri – triangular snacks with boiled and steamed rice, and eaten with a crispy piece of nori seaweed. Can also be made with different types of filling inside the rice.

Tsukemono - pickled and fermented vegetables, that is eaten with many Japanese meals, where they are especially appreciated for their often crunchy texture, as a counterpart to soft rice.

Saikyoyaki - marinated and grilled trout, that draws flavour from white miso, sake, mirin and sugar. Can be made with different types of fish.

Small variations in the final dishes and program can occur, depending on availability of produce from our suppliers, and to provide the best overall experience on the day.

Cooking Class - Washoku

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