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New Year's menu



roasted kombu tang chips

Small dishes
soup with miso, nameko mushrooms from Bygaard, spring onions, seaweed from Isefjord


sashimi of Bisserup trout, with sea lettuce, string seaweed, gracilaria

sour ponzu soy & kizami wasabi

10 pcs gunkan (rice with a kind of pickled Chinese radish)
topped with hamachi from Thy &
fried mushrooms with pickled shallots

pickled ginger as a palate cleanser

nikiri soya

Main course
saikyoyaki (miso and sake marinated cod)

crisp green

calpico & lime mousse, roasted white chocolate, matcha & yuzu caramel


650 kr incl. VAT per person

Last order day 23/12

PICK-UP D. 31/12  

The stable kitchen

Slagthusgade 11a

1715 København V

12:00 - 17:00
Please write in your order when you want to pick up.

Ordering a New Year's menu is binding.

Guide to serving and serving included.
NOTE: The main course must be cooked in the oven and the soup must be heated in a pan.


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