What is on the menu?

We make a wide range of dishes from the Japanese kitchen, and have a clear preference for the archetypal Japanese flavors and elements.
At the same time, we are motivated by innovation and love to experiment.
The selection of produce depends on the season, and it will therefore change on an ongoing basis. We have our clear favorites but strive to make a tailor-made menu for you.

What occasions?


If you are planning the next company party, confirmation, wedding or summer party, catering from Saito's food universe is an obvious choice.

How many and where?

Depending on the menu, we can deliver to between 20 and 200 people.
We can be booked throughout Denmark and southern Sweden.

Examples of menus and prices


Sushi menu

Crispy appetizer with seaweed

Sugarkelp, sea salad and tapioca chips

A selection of sushi
Four different varieties, two of each

1. Fried enoki mushrooms, with shiitake
2. Shimesaba, battera kombu
3. Umebosi plum and shiso leaves
4. Sea bass with Chinese radish, sesame and panko

Miso soup

Made on finger tongs and shiitake from Bygaard, with spills and sea salad.

DKK 275 per cover

Ochazuke menu

A bowl of steamed rice drizzled with green tea and topped with fresh fish and seaweed



Rice, houjicha tea, sashimi of Jutland kingfish, pickled zittaur onions, kizami wasabi, sesame, Danish seaweed; gracilaria, irish moss, and sea beech.

DKK 199 per cover

The selection above is just inspiration for the menus we offer.
Feel free to contact us and we can create a menu that suits you perfectly.


Also keep an eye on this page for new menus.

Reservations are made for printing errors and price changes, especially based on the size of your company.

Driving fee occurs if the location is more than 15 km away from Copenhagen K.