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Open Cooking Classes

Sushi samles på et skærebræt med svampe og fisk som gunkan og sushi ruller

Our cooking classes

Traditional Japanese food(和食, washoku) is characterized by its sense of balance, aesthetics, and focus on seasonality and freshness of its ingredients.

Different dishes are served depending on the season, and which region you are in Japan.

Saito will guide you through it all, and demonstrate how a number of traditional Japanese dishes easily can be prepared at home.

What's on the program?

You will be introduced to different dishes and techniques, and taught valuable kitchen know-how, before and during your preparations for the dishes, together with Saito.

At the end, you will all dine together, while we will take care of washing the dishes, so you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Beverages can be bought on the day.

See our current cooking classes down below, and which dishes we will take on.

Sushi nigiri med makrel pensles med soya på en tallerken ved siden af et skærebræt med spisepinde

Open classes 2024


Washoku - Wednesday, February 28  - 17.30 to 2100
Washoku - Thursday, March 14
 - 17.30 to 2100
- Wednesday, April 24 - 17.30 to 2100

Sushi - TBD

Our classes take place in Kitchen Collective in Kødbyen
Slagtehusgade 11A, 1715 KBH V

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